The top 10 FAKE SCIENCE stories of 2019

First there was the advent of fake news; then they introduced us to fake science. And truth be told, there was so much fake science thrown in our faces in 2019 that this article would be excessively long were we to recap all of it. So instead, here are the 10 most outlandish fake science stories of 2019 that would have made us chuckle were they not so pathetic and ridiculous:

Elizabeth Holmes’ ‘Theranos’ fraud was actually a plot to surveil the blood and DNA of everyone

Before it crashed and burned, Theranos, created by Elizabeth Holmes, was seen as a budding technology startup that had the ability to “miniaturize” and simplify the standard blood testing procedure. But there was just one problem: The whole thing was a scam and a hoax designed to steal people’s DNA for massive profits.

Global warming a total ‘hoax and scam’ run by corrupt scientists, warns Greenpeace co-founder

You know what else is a scam and a hoax? Global warming and the idea that human activity is in any way responsible for so-called climate change. Greenpeace Canada co-founder Patrick Moore fessed up this past year to the inherent fakeness of global warming, and how the Cult of Climate Change isn’t interested in saving the planet, but is rather concerned with stealing people’s money in the name of “climate activism.”

Sea level data ALTERED by scientists to create false impression of rising oceans

By the way, ocean levels also aren’t rising, either, as is popularly claimed. Reports that came out this past year revealed that historical data is constantly being “adjusted” to reflect the prevailing climate narrative rather than what’s actually happening all around the world, which is a whole lot of nothing when it comes to the supposedly changing sea levels.


Study confirms that man-made climate change is completely fake (so much for consensus…)

Researchers out of Finland likewise found this past year that global temperature data is actively manipulated to make it seem like everything is warming due to humans. The truth is that planetary temperatures have been fluctuating, as they always do, for a variety of reasons, and human activity contributes only a fraction of a fraction of a percent to these changes – meaning human activity is basically inconsequential in the greater scheme of things.

FAKE SCIENCE: Heat ‘records’ heavily manipulated by dishonest climate change propagandists to try to push global warming lie

Questions have also arisen as to the accuracy of this heat data in the first place, as what’s being reported by groups like NASA and NOAA conflict with data compiled over the past 140 years. As it turns out, the earth isn’t actually on an overall warming trajectory, and merely undergoes periods of heating and cooling, much like a stove burner that turns on and off to achieve a certain temperature average.

Dems pushing CDC to fake ‘gun violence’ science research just like the EPA fakes climate change research

Another dataset that’s been manipulated to serve a political end involves gun violence, which isn’t exactly the “public health emergency” that leftists claim it is. When gun-related incidents that aren’t false flags actually occur, they’re far less in number than the Democrats claim, meaning the Second Amendment doesn’t need to be abolished because the “science” that says it does isn’t actually real science.

Law enforcement routinely uses fake science as an excuse to arrest and imprison people

Law enforcement, which is often just a revenue generation scam, is similarly engaged in scientific fraud with its breathalyzer scam. Believe it or not, breathalyzer tests are inaccurate, unreliable, and completely antithetical to the free society that our founders envisioned. But since they generate lots of extra cash for police departments, they’re still being used to generate the erroneous results that commonly result in false convictions – excepts when victims of this societal fraud know their rights!

Scientific study of fake news RETRACTED because it was found to be fake science

An alleged “scientific” study about the 2016 presidential election had to be retracted this past year after it was revealed that its anti-Trump authors used fake data to make it seem like Donald Trump won because Russian bots promoted him on social media.

Same scientists who claim ‘climate science is settled’ just announced that Earth’s atmosphere is 50 times larger than the planet itself… oops

Leftists are notorious for claiming that the official climate science is “settled,” just like they said about the size of the earth’s atmosphere, which this past year was found to be significantly larger than previously believed. It just goes to show that when it comes to science, almost nothing is ever settled, and there’s always room to grow and change whenever new truths present themselves.

Climate change hoax collapses as Michael Mann’s bogus ‘hockey stick’ graph defamation lawsuit dismissed by the Supreme Court of British Columbia

Hilariously, one of the centerpieces of the climate change conspiracy, the so-called “hockey stick” graph, was exposed as a fraud this past year. Created by Michael Mann, the hockey stick graph was deliberately created to deceive, as it always pulls up the desired results to “prove” that man-made climate change is happening, even though it’s actually not.

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