BBC investigation finds network’s own climate editor repeatedly LIED in a global warming documentary

A BBC Panorama documentary about global warming has officially been debunked by none other than the BBC itself.

Climate editor Justin Rowlatt put together the BBC‘s “Wild Weather” program, which is loaded with disinformation about so-called man-made climate change, which is largely a hoax.

One of the false claims made in the film suggests that deaths worldwide have been increasing due to “extreme weather.” It turns out that the opposite is actually true.

Another lie claims that Madagascar was on the verge of suffering through a famine supposedly caused by global warming. There were actually many other factors involved with the Madagascar situation that were completely ignored by Rowlatt.

The program aired last November in conjunction with the COP26 climate conference. It immediately sparked two complaints that were investigated by the BBC‘s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU).

The ECU later determined that “Wild Weather” made a false claim by including a bit about how “the death toll is rising around the world and the forecast is that worse is to come.”

This claim, the ECU said, risked giving the false impression that the rate of deaths from extreme weather-related events is on the rise, which is untrue. (Related: Remember when the mainstream media published climate lies about polar bears and hockey sticks?)

World Meteorological Organisation data does show that floods, storms, droughts and other natural disasters have risen over the past 50 years. The number of deaths caused by them, however, has decreased due to improved early warnings and disaster management protocols.


BBC responded saying it “accepted the wording in the programme was not as clear as it should have been and a public acknowledgement was put on the BBC‘s Corrections and Clarifications website before the complaint reached the ECU.

The ECU then responded by saying that this was appropriate, but that “an oversight meant the programme was still available on BBC iPlayer without a link or reference to the published correction, and for that reason the complaint was upheld.”

How many other climate lies are we being told?

Concerning the Madagascar complaint, the ECU confirmed that the country has suffered lower-than-average seasonal rainfall in recent years, but that climate change is only one factor among many contributing to the famine.

The ECU also noted that Rowlatt’s language mirrored that of the United Nations’ World Food Programme.

“The statement that Madagascar was on the brink of the world’s first climate-induced famine was presented without qualification, whereas other evidence available prior to broadcast suggested there were additional factors which made a significant contribution to the shortage of food,” the ECU added.

“The complaint was therefore upheld.”

In the comment section at Watts Up With That, someone noted that the statement about weather-related events increasing over the past 50 years should have included the word recorded weather events.

The further you go back in time, the less available data there is about such things because the weather simply was not recorded the same way it is today.

“The problem is that the documentation of all types of disasters in the 1970s was far patchier than it is today, when anyone with a cellphone can immediately share news of a storm or flood from halfway around the world,” says Bjorn Lomborg.

“That’s why the disaster database’s own experts explicitly warn amateurs not to conclude that an increase in registered disasters equates to more disasters. Reaching such a conclusion ‘would be incorrect’ because the increase really just shows improvements in recording.”

Another commenter wrote that BBC needs to be taken to court because of “how damaging their lies are.”

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