BLACKOUT WARNING: New York’s zero emissions energy plan for 2040 will sharply reduce energy reliability while SPIKING costs for consumers

In less than 17 years, the Empire State, also known as New York, is aiming to reduce all emissions across the state to precisely zero. The consequence of this, as you might expect, will be very expensive electricity combined with not nearly enough of it to go around for everybody – meaning a total collapse of the state’s energy grid.

The New York Climate Action Council, which was tasked with implementing the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act to combat so-called climate change, recently issued its Scoping Plan. It calls for hundreds of billions of dollars in state and ratepayer subsidies for renewable energy, battery storage, and transmission lines to meet the massive increases in electric demand that will occur come 2040 when the state’s zero emissions climate targets reach their deadline – but the plan is already doomed before it even has the chance to fail.

In order for New York State to reduce its emissions to zero by the year 2040, electric load across the state will need to triple. This is no small feat, as the independent New York grid operator NYISO estimates that at least 95 gigawatts (GW) of new energy generation must come from somewhere over the next 17 years in order for the plan to even have a chance at working (hint: it won’t work, no matter how hard they try).

“This goal is unrealistic and unachievable because the state only added 12.9 GW over the last 23 years, and it is highly unlikely that 95 GW of new generation capacity will be added in 17 years due to state permitting and grid interconnection delays,” reports Utility Dive about the matter.


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Hope alone will not solve the massive electric reliability deficits of “zero emissions” energy pipe dreams

In order to reach a zero emissions target by 2040, New York State will also need 15-45 new GW of “zero emission dispatchable electric generation” in order to maintain system reliability. Again, this is an impossibility because of the way so-called renewable energy technologies work – or in this case, don’t work.

“This is emission-free electric generation that can be dispatched, i.e., turned on, by NYISO at night or stormy conditions when there is no solar radiation or during calm wind conditions,” Utility Dive further explains. “But the Scoping Plan also admits that this 15 GW – 45 GW target ‘cannot be currently met’ with existing technologies.”

The NYISO agrees, having predicted that the New York grid could experience as much as a 10 percent deficiency, and possibly much more, in such a scenario, requiring an additional 32 GW of new zero-emission dispatchable generation – this is nearly double the current state capacity of 37 GW generation capacity.

According to NYISO, zero-emission dispatchable generation technologies “are not commercially available,” and likely will not be commercially available even once 2040 arrives. As Utility Dive reports, “[h]ope is not an action plan to solve electric reliability deficits,” which is something the green brigade will be forced to come to terms with eventually – but at what cost to society?

Electric power deficiencies are already manifesting as Western society begins its forced shift into a green paradigm. In New York City, the NYISO warned in an April 14 report, the Lower Hudson Valley may have serious electric reliability problems and generation shortages as soon as 2025 due to the retirement of reliable energy production plants.

“The Climate Action Council’s climate plan – if fully implemented by the state as is currently being debated in the legislature – risks placing New York in an electricity shortage that could result in blackouts and brownouts,” experts warn.

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