New Tesla Cybertruck owners in California report steering wheel malfunctions immediately after purchase

New owners of Elon Musk’s much-hyped Cybertruck in California have been reporting steering wheel issues.

Tesla’s Cybertruck, advertised as “apocalypse-proof,” has a new advanced system called steer-by-wire. The new technology, which aims to replace traditional steering, eliminates the physical connection between the steering wheel and the car wheels through electrically controlled motors. This feature provides a tighter turn radius, making navigation through narrow streets and tight spaces easier.

However, customer reviews reveal that steer-by-wire systems come with high costs and maintenance and can malfunction due to a poor connection.

In a video posted on YouTube titled “How My Tesla CyberBeast Failed Under 1 Mile,” Thomas Remo documented his journey in purchasing an $82,000 Cybertruck. Remo, known for his “Gear Down” YouTube channel, excitedly purchased the Cybertruck and drove it out of the dealership lot in Irvine, California.

However, his excitement became short-lived when his Cybertruck began having steering issues six inches after driving out of the dealership lot. The center dashboard started flashing red and emitting urgent beeps due to steering wheel issues. The glitch forced the Cybertruck into a restricted “limp mode,” capping its speed at four miles per hour.

“I literally broke it right out of the gate. Elon, what are you doing bro? How is it already broken?” Remo said. His Cybertruck would fail another 30 times that day, forcing Remo to return it to the dealership lot.

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Several reports reveal similar steering wheel issues of Cybertruck owners in Arizona and California posted on different platforms, including Cybertruck Owners Club and X, formerly Twitter.

“My Cybertruck went directly from delivery to service (very sad) and Tesla has been diagnosing the issue for five days. They still don’t know what’s wrong with it,” wrote a Cybertruck owner on Cybertruck Owners Club on Mar. 5. The owner had no choice but to return it after the center dashboard showed a red blood-colored screen with a large notification: “Pull over safely. Critical steering issue detected.”

But unlike Remo, other Cybertruck owners were not able to pull off to the side, so they towed it.

Tesla Cybertruck issues have been piling up

Reports dealing with issues with the Cybertruck have been piling up, from easily soiled exteriors to panel misalignment, and now, the Basecamp tent. (Related: Tesla Cybertruck gets stuck in California beach after driver ignores “No Vehicles on Beach or Dunes” sign.)

Tesla has advertised its first batch of Basecamp tents as luxury campers, but some users have been comparing them to “unpolished homeless encampments” and a “monumental failure.” The promises of an “ultra-soft mattress” and an “enhanced camping experience” have fallen short.

Advertisements boasted seamless attachment to the Cybertruck’s rear, with videos showing a comfortable family setting and screened windows for stargazing. Yet, new owners have shared images and videos showing a mere tarp extension, with feedback suggesting it offers no significant advantage over traditional tents and only accommodates a maximum of two occupants.

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Watch this video that tackles what Tesla isn’t saying about the Cybertruck.

This video is from the High Hopes channel on

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