COVID and climate change mutate into single authoritarian VIRUS for swift globalist takeover of the planet

The American Medical Association (AMA) is facilitating the merger of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and climate change, which are morphing together to become a single authoritarian virus, or contagion, that will allow the globalists to seal the deal of their long-planned world takeover.

The AMA published a paper earlier this year called “How curbing climate change can help stop the next viral pandemic,” authored by Tanya Albert Henry, that blames the emergence of diseases like COVID on global warming and an allegedly changing climate.

“Nearly 75% of emerging infectious diseases are now zoonotic – think Ebola, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and most recently SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19,” Henry wrote in the article, dated Feb. 14, 2024.

“Continued climate change is expected to exacerbate transmission in environments shared among plants, humans and animals.”

(Related: Biden has already threatened that if his “green” agenda does not come to pass, he will simply declare a “climate emergency” to lock everyone back down and seize COVID “pandemic”-like dictatorial powers in response.)

AMA pushing “One Health” tyranny as final solution

Henry has a solution, though. She calls it “One Health,” and this “new approach” can help to facilitate “national and international collaborative responses to mitigate actions that increase human to animal-transmission risks.”

In other words, just give more control to your medical and political overlords so they can come up with new forms of abuse with which to subdue society and control every last detail of people’s lives – for the “climate,” of course.

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Around the time that Henry’s article was published by the AMA, the AMA Journal of Ethics released its February issue containing the following propaganda articles pushing the same ridiculous ideas about viral contagions and climate change:

1) “Why Climate Literacy Is Health Literacy”
2) “Five Things Clinicians Need to Know About Zoonotic Viral Spillover and Spillback”
3) “AMA Code of Medical Ethics’ Opinions Related to Health Ecology and Disease Transmission”
4) “Top Five Things Health Professions [sic] Students Should Know About Ecology and Waste Management”

You can probably tell from these different titles, especially the first one, that modern-day “science” really has become a parody of itself. It is obviously no longer to be taken seriously.

Even so, the top dogs at the AMA are insistent that One Health is the preferred final solution for viral contagions and climate change. Joost van Herten, PhD, a senior policy officer and veterinarian at the Royal Veterinary Association in the Netherlands, appeared on an episode of the journal’s February “Ethics Talk” podcast to discuss One Health and “exactly what a One Health approach to health offers and what it doesn’t.”

“If the electioneering rigging ‘win’ of the Marxists succeeds in 2024, this could become a fast reality,” warned one of our readers about what the “green” climate cult will do, especially under the leadership of another Biden term, if these schemes are not stopped immediately.

“We have little time before Obama’s shadow 4th term in office begins. Yes, I call it. He’s the one pulling Biden’s puppet strings and I’ll bet money on it.”

“These climate mentally ill puppets haven’t the slightest idea of just how lame their so called ‘climate change’ scam is,” wrote another about how he remembers a time when nobody had ever heard the term “climate change” despite difficult weather from time to time.

“I remember 100 days in a row of over 100 degrees in the 1980s and no one was screaming ‘climate change.’ It’s all about taking away your means of survival you’ve used for over 150 years unless you comply to their control over you!”

The real virus that needs to be extinguished is globalism. Learn more at

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