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South Pole records its coldest six months stretch, as Arctic Sea ice volume expands, nearing 20-year record

The South Pole just recorded its coldest six month stretch since 1976. Arctic Sea ice volume is currently breaking 20-year records. Chunks of ice are interfering with shipping routes in the Siberian Sea. There are signs that the Earth is entering a time of rapid cooling. Indeed, the climate is ever-changing, but the causes and effects propagated by the corporate media couldn’t be further from the truth.

Global warming alarmists have been capitalizing on lies for decades

For decades, global warming alarmists have been lying to the public about rising temperatures and impending “end of the world” scenarios. Back in 2007, U.S. scientists claimed that the arctic would be completely “ice-free” within “5-6 years” and would cause a catastrophic rise in sea level. The report was published by the BBC. At the time, Professor Wieslaw Maslowski from the U.S. Navy, Department of Oceanography said the report was too conservative, and that the poles would be completely “ice-free by the summer of 2013.”

When 2013 came around, the end of the world never came, polar ice remained intact, and the sea did not rise. Coastal communities were safe. But it didn’t take long for a new breed of climate alarmists to take up the mantle of climate doom propaganda. In 2010, Mark Sereezer, the newly appointed senior scientist at the US government’s Snow and Ice Data Center was famously quoted as saying: “the Arctic is screaming.” Today, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) joins a chorus of Democrats who screech that we’re only 10-12 years away from an end of the world climate catastrophe.


Fast forward to 2021, and governments are meeting to discuss ways to prevent a cataclysmic climate catastrophe that just never seems to materialize. Even though the global warming predictions continue to be exposed as hysteria, propaganda and scientific maleficence, governments want to use this narrative as an opportunity to control economies, tax the people, engineer the atmosphere and terraform the planet.

New government regulations will stifle energy production and threaten the sovereignty and independence of entire nations, making countries dependent on a centralized source of energy, and forcing people to pay more for the energy they are allotted. Governments will make it harder to drive cars and trucks with real engines, and will instead shove electric cars down people’s throats. Meanwhile, psychos like Bill Gates threaten to remove carbon from the atmosphere to reduce the world’s population.

South Pole records coldest six-month span in recorded history

No matter how hard the global warming alarmists try to convince the public of impending doom, there is evidence that the opposite is occurring. The planet is cooling, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. In 2021, climatologists recorded the coldest six month stretch at the South Pole in history. Between April and September of 2021, the South Pole averaged a temperature of -61.1C (-78F). The previously coldest six-month span was recorded in 1976 at -60.6C (-77F).

The Danish Meteorological Institute reports that Arctic Sea ice has been rapidly accumulating in recent years and its volume is now greater than any other time in the past fifteen years. The Arctic Sea ice is about to eclipse 10,000,000 km2 in 2021. If this pattern continues, the Arctic Sea will have more volume of ice than any time during the mid/late-1990s and the early 2000s, breaking two decades worth of records.

The ice is getting so thick, it is interfering with shipping routes. In far eastern Russia, authorities had to dispatch two icebreakers to free ships that got stuck in the East Siberian Sea. The Barents Observer reports that the severe sea ice conditions are taking shippers by surprise. “There are now about 20 vessels that either are stuck or struggling to make it across the icy waters,” the Observer wrote. Scientists now warn that the Earth could be entering a period of global cooling, due to changes in solar cycles.

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