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Climate change propagandist Michael Mann calls for total censorship of anyone who disagrees with him (op-ed)

(Op-ed) Even though there is no actual climate crisis taking place, climate fanatic Michael Mann personally believes that there is. And because of how strongly Mann believes in the fairy tale of man-made global warming, he now wants everyone who disagree with his position to be censored.

There is a line that cannot be crossed when it comes to free speech, Mann essentially told Democracy Now! in a recent interview. And that line is denial of Mann’s climate theories, which he says are directly to blame for the recent tornado disaster in Kentucky.

Even worse than this fictitious climate crisis itself, though, is denial of it, Mann maintains. Denying that climate change exists is responsible for taking more lives than climate change itself, he insists, as well as more lives than the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic.

“Here we saw nearly 100 people, you know, uh, die from these unprecedented tornadoes,” Mann rambled to his interviewer.

“But if you look at the total impact of climate change around the world, um, wildfires, droughts, floods, heat waves, coastal inundation, climate change is already costing far more lives than Covid-19. It is deadlier. And so, the denial of climate change is deadlier even than the denial of, the, the basic science behind, uh, Covid-19.”

If global warming is real, then why not let the arguments in its favor stand or fall on their own?

Mann went on in the interview to blame the fossil fuel industry for every natural disaster that has happened in recent years. He also blamed tech companies like Facebook (Meta) and Twitter for those same disasters because of their failure, in his opinion, to censor climate denial content.


Mann is extremely pleased with the way that Big Tech has been censoring contradictory content about the Tony Fauci Virus. This, he says, is because “there isn’t a huge global lobby, the world’s most powerful industry … the fossil fuel industry, that has a stake in the Covid-19 debate.”

If there were, then perhaps the tech giants would not be censoring free speech about Chinese Germs, Mann went on to suggest. This is what he claims is occurring with regard to climate change in that the tech giants refuse to censor climate denial content.

Rather than let his arguments stand or fall on their own, Mann wants to silence his opponents so that only his opinions are presented as “truth.” Everything else he wants pulled from the web so that it does not have a chance to enter people’s minds and thought processes.

“The social media companies are being complicit and, you know, why are they being complicit? Well, many of them are getting a lot of advertiser money from the fossil fuel industry,” Mann believes.

“So it’s inconvenient to their business model to challenge that industry.”

This is quite the conspiracy theory, but it is one that Mann feels strongly about. And because he feels strongly about it, he wants to take Big Tech “to task” and basically force it to start censoring climate “denialism” in the same way that it censors Fauci Flu skepticism. It seems he has failed to notice how Big Pharma spends their profits on Big Tech and the mainstream media to motivate the behaviors he’s looking for.

Mann also appeared on MSNBC, by the way, to suggest that Congress needs to pass fake “president” Joe Biden’s Build Back Better (6uild 6ack 6etter) bill in order to “prevent” tornadoes like the ones that hit Kentucky “from getting worse.”

One person on Twitter, commenting on Mann’s tirades, said it best about Mann’s position:

“My case isn’t strong enough to prove this, so let’s censor all debate against it” – science expert.

Another pointed out that Mann comes from the same sect of people “who have successfully silenced covid voices that are counter to the pre-determined zeitgeist.”

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