Amazon founder Jeff Bezos invests $1 billion to DESTROY FARMING

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has earmarked a whopping $1 billion investment to destroy the farming industry and food production at large.

This investment came in the form of the Bezos Earth Fund’s (BEF) $1 billion commitment to “food transformation.” BEF Vice Chair Lauren Sanchez, also the tech bigwig’s current partner, announced an initial $60 million commitment to establish Bezos Centers for Sustainable Protein (BCSPs) as part of the bigger endowment.

She announced this endeavor during the second day of the Aspen Ideas Climate Conference, held from March 11 to 13 in Miami. Sanchez’s 10-minute speech on March 12 focused on food “innovations,” spicing it up with fearmongering language – in this case, the threat of global hunger and famine.

“How do we feed 10 billion people with healthy, sustainable protein throughout this century? This will need a ton of innovation,” she addressed the audience. “We’re investing heavily in [the] livestock sector and inventions that will give consumers meat options that are better for the Earth.”

“I’m thrilled to announce, and I’m very excited about this one, [the investment of] $60 million to establish [BCSPs] that will help grow these ideas. Their inventions will make plant-based, lab-grown meats cheaper, healthier and tastier. And those sustainable proteins really are getting better, trust me.” (Related: Jeff Bezos invests $60 million to lower costs, improve taste and boost nutritional value of FAKE MEAT.)

An accompanying press release from the BEF regarding Sanchez’s announcement continued: “To date, challenges in biomanufacturing – the production, at scale, of sustainable protein products, whether plant-based, fermented or cultivated – are resulting in high costs and limited quality. There are also enormous opportunities to enhance the texture and boost flavor through innovation in cell biology and engineering.”

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But according to Thai MBC, “the food transformation Sanchez dreams of is ‘plant-based lab-grown meats, [and] for anyone who has any logic or common sense, no such food exists nor can it ever. Irrespective of how much money is poured into this technology, it will still be technologically produced fake food with unknown ingredients causing untold harm.”

Bezos adds “climate tyrant” to his resume

The BEF press release also mentioned that Sanchez’s March 12 announcement build’s on the fund’s $1 billion commitment to “support farmers and expand food production.” However, the document’s plans to accomplish these two goals were rather contradictory.

“Work includes reducing methane from livestock and innovating in pasture management to help take pressure off forested land. The [BEF] is also working with investors, researchers and entrepreneurs to improve the resilience and carbon absorption of major food crops.”

Moreover, the press release falsely claimed that “food is the second largest cause of climate change, and agriculture is the primary driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss.” Such a claim, Thai MBC remarked, proves that the BEF has “no intention of supporting farmers or improving food security.”

The $1 billion commitment is just the start, according to the outlet, as the BEF plans to invest a bigger $10 billion “to fund scientists, activists, [non-government organizations] and other actors that will drive climate and nature solutions.” According to its website, the fund “has the potential for transformative influence in this decisive decade” with an ultimate goal of fully allocating funds by 2030 – “the [year] by which the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals must be achieved.”

Sanchez also interestingly mentioned during her March 12 speech that the BEF has launched the MethaneSat satellite to ostensibly “find and measure the thousands of methane leaks happening all over the world.” The satellite launched on March 4 will help measure methane pollution from oil and gas facilities worldwide. But Thai MBC was skeptical of the endeavor, putting forward the possibility of MethaneSat being “a spying operation under the guise of measuring methane.”

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Watch Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxen discuss the collapse of the fake meat industry, which Jeff Bezos bankrolls, in the clip below.

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